why use public relations

The Columbia University School of Journalism has stated that the power of public relations has a far more lasting effect in building credibility in the public eye as compared to solely purchasing ad space to advertise a particular message. The return on investment runs longer and deeper when your story is written by an independent writer or editor in an article or editorial containing your message, because it serves to give your story or point of view an outside, third party validation by a news source people trust.

"Public Relations is the most important communications discipline for building brand reputation, generating word of mouth and pre-market conditioning," says PR Week Magazine, in its 2003 national study of America’s top marketing and brand management executives. These executives stressed that PR was most important in their business for overcoming a crisis (83%), cultivating industry thought leaders (71%) and building a corporate reputation (67%). But PR's relevance extends beyond conventional lines: PR was also ranked by the experts as the most important for generating word of mouth (61%), pre-market conditioning (50%), and building a brand's reputation (48%).

So, when making your decision for your group, follow what the experts say….using public relations is one of the best tools for strategy and message development and for launching a new business and product.

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